Take a look at a few anecdotes from entrepreneurs who have experienced my communication style, leadership, and insights during my time as a business coach.

“Ndubisi is a KING. I felt super comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities as a new entrepreneur who is considering a major pivot in industries. He gave me strategic yet pragmatic/practical advice on the weekly, and I looked forward to each session I had with him over the last few months. There were moments when I just didn’t understand how he could be so on point about MY business and how to move forward with things, step over hurdles, get over my uncertainties. It was like having a guardian angel by my side as I navigated uncharted territories. I will forever look back fondly on this time spend being advised by Ndubisi. I feel super blessed to have met him and been on the receiving end of this mentorship relationship.”

“Ndubisi is amazing, professional, poised and a great resource. I was encouraged working with him. He is a very talented young man.”

“Great at listening and breaking down what I was attempting to do as well as offering sound suggestions.”

“Ndubisi is a great connector and communicator”

“1 on 1s with Ndubisi was something that I looked forward to every week. I now even regret missing one of my sessions with him, seeing how much insight and encouragement I have received from him.

“Ndubisi was such a great coach and mentor, thank you for all of your help!! Always grateful that you were checking in on us emotionally and not just our startups!”